Dev Year
Fall / 2020

Tieyang Li

Collection & Work


with Shiny Wu, Nayong, and Noah
Depict A City

This is a 6-week project which aims at imaging a city from different angles and try to depict it with various of media
Fall / 2020
Graduate Lab

City of
male-brain box

This is a combination of the virtual and real worlds. We can imagine everything we like to organize it.

Play in Scale 

In this program, we focus on deconstructing some concepts which are ordinary in our daily life such as signs and landmarks, and try to redefine them. With the process of zoom in and zoom out, we have described an abstract but fantastic city on different scales.

Zoom In

              When we zoom in, we can find that the city is consist of brand new combination of ordinary objects in our life, which means that each normal thing can be the materials in the process of creating a city of our own.

With enlarging, folding, and reorganizing, even the simplest one can bring us new inspiration and meaning.